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The on-stage performances are broadcast on Shaw TV; off-stage they generate an ever-widening social whirlpool that helped Sullivan, the ex-major of Vancouver, get elected in the last provincial election. One has to get over the fact that she is simply good-looking; it’s a card she can and does play.

But there’s content to go along with it—otherwise Sullivan and Zanatta wouldn’t be inviting her.

Resolve TO officially kicks off with the Wednesday night party (Jan 25th) and then rolls into two days of content and networking.

Mornings consist of Keynotes, while the afternoons are divided between “The Speed Dating Zone”, powered by Rogers, and content on the “Startup Stage” and the “Corporate Innovation Stage”. Everyone – startup entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs at global multi-nationals - have their own definition of what it means. With these in mind, you can decide how to make them relevant and aligned with your own business and resources – and yes – your dreams.

Regardless of the multiplicity of definitions people and institutions may hold, there is a universal truth about innovation and that is: Innovation belongs to everyone. Partnering with startups seems to be all the rage right now with brands, but with all the speed dating, bounty or hunting for startups to pitch at shark tank events, are brands missing the point and in doing, just scratching the surface in terms of possibilities and potential?

Every organization of every size has the potential – and the need - to be innovative. In this keynote, 4-time author and co-founder of Innovation boutique, Evol8tion, will help make the strategic and business case behind the brand-startup ecosystem.

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The heartfelt and articulate essays on adrenaline on The Playhouse stage constitute “speed dating for ideas.” However you look at it, the semi-chic evening programs presented by the Global Civic Policy Society constitute a success story on and off the stage. (Outgoing Tourism Vancouver boss Rick Antonson, also an author, and Dr.

Since November of 2009, there have been seventeen Salons, usually with eight or nine speakers each time. history buff, has invited various authors to participate over the years—most notably Chuck Davis, who used the forum to announce to the world that he was soon going to die of cancer—but next month, for the second time, there are two B. Gabor Maté spoke together in 2012.) Go on the internet and it’s easy to find dozens of dazzling photos of Bal Arneson posing fetchingly over a stove, or cavorting on a countertop.

When TELUS executive chairman Darren Entwistle, with his movie star looks and sonorous voice, made his entrance, the music reached rock band decibels. “It’s not a question whether TELUS can afford the billion dollar investment to fully wire your city and then others,” says Canadian telecommunications analyst Mark Goldberg from Toronto.

“It’s whether TELUS – or the other big TV/Internet companies across Canada – can afford not to.” Pencil-sized fibre-optic cable can carry virtually unlimited amounts of data – both ways – at the speed of light.