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Making someone feel bad for their harmless sexual escapades is cruel, ignorant and exemplifies the hypocrisy of double standards. Part of dating culture involves being open to sexual experimentation while still being safe and level headed about what — or whom you are doing — so be smart about your encounters and use protection.

During the week they went out for meals, toured the city and hung around the house but Wettlaufer was not very social, was concerned about her appearance and didn’t meet any of her friends.

“She wanted to move forward and start a relationship, so I said, ‘Well, let’s meet.”‘Wettlaufer had already committed at least two murders when she flew to Saskatoon to meet Andrews in June 2009.

Her crimes were committed over the course of a decade at four locations.

Before venturing into the exciting worlds of love, sex and everything that goes with it, we want to first encourage sexual positivity.

As students, we are in a place where sex is a means of relieving stress and having fun.